As captain of the Jumpin Jack 42 travels the galaxy taking cargo transport jobs as well as an assortment of other odd jobs while searching for some trace of the long lost ancient race that created her. 42, you see, is an android. The only one of her kind in fact and far advanced from that found throughout the galaxy. She body is host to a suite of gadgets that pop out at random which she has no control over. Sometimes they are helpful for the situation at hand. Other times they serve as a reminder that there is so much about herself that she doesn’t know.

In her journeys she runs across an assortment of colorful characters such as Teef Arnell, an intergalactic poacher and big game hunter, and his dimwitted crew Rawn and Moh. She is also joined by her co-pilot The Admiral who is a strange creature with the head of a Corgi, the body of a kooshball, and four disembodied limbs that somehow propel him despite not being physically attached to his body.

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